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Who Else Is Ready To Commit To Their New Year’s Body Transformation?
If you’ve failed your New Year's Resolutions time and time again to get fit, lose weight and build your confidence. Then you’ve just stumbled upon the last EVER fitness programme you need to commit to…
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At Potential Personal Training, we specialise in getting the results YOU want to achieve. Not only do we guarantee your results by creating a bespoke programme around you, but we also show you how to easily maintain your transformation so you can live with real lasting results.
Meet Your Transformation Coach: Maxine Hayes
I’m Maxine Hayes, owner of Potential Personal Training.
In 2008 I was 21 years old, weighing in at 17 stone, and I had hit rock bottom.

I reluctantly joined a gym and started my fitness journey on my own. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and after two months of going to the gym feeling intimidated by the super-fit gym bunnies, I had no results to show for it. I felt lost.

Then I started working out with a Personal Trainer…the best decision I have ever made.
He was a fantastic trainer who inspired me with his totally unique approach, and do you want to know his secret?

My trainer treated me like an individual, like Maxine. Not gym member #1092.
After 11 months I had shed 6 1/2 stone and had gained enough confidence to pursue a career dedicated to helping other people experience the innovative approach that I was so lucky to learn.

And Potential Personal Training was born!

Since then I have helped 100s of Mid Sussex residents to make their own transformations and been featured in The Sun Newspaper, Essential Magazine, Mid Sussex Times, plus many more
  • As of creating this website and offer we only have space for 18 more Mid Sussex residents to secure their place, and then the waiting list will be rolled out…
  • You see, we’re a little bit different from a big corporate gym, a CrossFit box or Bootcamp. We DON’T cram as many people into sessions as possible. We only train people one-to-one, small groups or group personal training 
  • This is uncommon in the fitness world in recent years but it works for our clients and for us, as they get better results and personal attention.
They’ve Tried Various Diets And Boring Workouts That Simply Don’t Get Results, That Is, Until They Join Potential Personal Training
In a very short space of time they transform their bodies and lives - but don’t take our word for it, see what these local Mid Sussex residents had to say about Potential Personal Training 
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